Chapter Bylaws

The Chapter Bylaws clarify primary chapter guidelines and objectives. Each chapter officer and board member should carefully review this document in order to understand the basic platform for conducting chapter business. Bylaws should define the broad framework for governing your chapter with the details outlined in supporting policies and procedures. As Chapter officers, you should also educate members on pertinent information as it arises. The Bylaws should be reviewed annually by the chapter President and board members. Changes to bylaws must be approved by your board and ratified by members. Bylaw changes should be infrequent. Policies and procedures may be revised by your Board to adapt to changing operational needs.

Integral to ISSA’s mission of the personal professional development of cybersecurity specialists and their career advancement is a commitment that members will reflect the highest standards of ethical conduct. To achieve this goal, members of the association are required to accept and adhere to the Code of Ethics.