Chapter Officers

Troy Frericks



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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

The Secretary helps with preparation of meetings and documents/distributes meeting minutes as well as all other chapter records. The Secretary is also responsible for preparing a bank reconciliation monthly.

About the Secretary:

Troy has been in IT for about 35 years. He has been focused on Database Administration and Data Security for the majority of those years. He earned is Bachelor's degree from Iowa State University in 1989.

Troy's career started while working as a Professional and Scientific employee for Iowa State University in the Computation Center's Accounting Office. In that capacity he was responsible for VAX VMS security. He wrote several security related applications, and contributed those to the Open Source community via the DECUS organization.

Currently Troy is a Sr Database Administrator at CDS Global. He has been involved in PCI compliance issues, designed an end-to-end encryption architecture, and is currently one of three DBA's responsible for the security of data in hundreds of databases residing in four countries.