Chapter Officers

Matthew White


Director of Communications

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Miscellaneous Information

My passion for technology started in 1993 when I built my first Am486 DX2-50Mhz PC. I started troubleshooting and learning at this time because my PC didn't have enough memory and I had to make a boot disk to play games like Doom and Warcraft. In 1997 I enrolled in the Army National Guard. I graduated from Fort Dodge Senior High in 1998 then immediately following finished my army training to be proficient as a 13-E (Fire Direction Control). After graduating from AIT I moved to Des Moines in 1998 where I held various sales positions up until 2013 when I enrolled in DMACC to finish a degree in Telecom. During my tenure at DMACC I worked as the local help desk for the West Des Moines campus, and I tutored fellow peers while maintaining a 3.98 GPA. Additionally I had the privilege not only taking classes that emphasize security but also worked as an intern for Dave at Integrity. Following Integrity I found a new home at FBL Financial as an Analyst (OPS/Jack of all trades). As of December I graduated from DMACC last December with an AA degree. Lastly I am a husband and father of 3. I am currently a community group leader in my local church, love people, and have a passion for the InfoSec world.