ISSA Monthly Meetings

Monthly Meeting - July 24, 2017

TLS in practice including the road to v1.3

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Presenter: Ben Schmitt



Even though TLS remains one of the leading solutions to provide confidentiality and integrity of data moving across networks, it has a dubious past. We will do a quick review of its predecessor (SSL) and discuss TLS in present times including learning from our past mistakes. More specifically, we will discuss the move to v1.2 and what v1.3 has to offer for speed, implementation and perhaps most importantly, confidentiality. Best practices, analysis, evaluation criteria (including what we should expect from solutions) and cryptographic options will be covered.


Ben Schmitt is the VP of Information Security for Dwolla leading the company’s security team and internal IT operations. Prior to this role, Ben held the position of Global Director, IT Security & Compliance at the Danfoss Group responsible for Network and Application security with a focus on ERP systems. Ben started his InfoSec career with TDS Telecom covering ISP and Enterprise security as a Security Architect.


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