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Monthly Meeting - April 22, 2019

Identity Intelligence


Presenter: Ryan Babbitt

To protect against breaches, many companies rely primarily on endpoint security measures like anti-malware, anti-phishing, data loss prevention, and/or network security measures. These solutions stop many simple threats and negligent or unintentionally insecure behaviors, but attackers are resourceful and persistent. Constant vigilance is still needed to detect, contain, and respond to malicious attackers and insider threats that thwart or circumvent security controls. For this, log management and security monitoring solutions have risen in popularity due to their capabilities for real-time monitoring, alerting, and investigation of application and system activity; however, they still require significant subject matter knowledge to be made efficient and correlate events between siloed application and system assets. In our presentation, we offer a fresh perspective on security intelligence that focuses on the human dimension -- on users, their business roles, and their access. We describe how existing IAM practices and tools, whether commercial or homegrown, can provide the missing context and rules needed to better identify at-risk, compromised, and malicious users and accounts and improve traceability and accountability of their activities.


Ryan Babbitt is a Senior Solutions Architect with Zirous. He joined Zirous in 2012 after completing a M.S. in Computer Science at Iowa State. His time at Zirous has been spent leading and implementing high quality solutions in the IAM space, including Identity Governance, Access Management and MFA, and Privileged Access Management. His interests lately have also included security monitoring and SIEM technologies, particularly as they relate to IAM. He enjoys analyzing complex technical issues, learning new technologies, and is always up for a good discussion.


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